A New Writing Brigade

I love to write. I love to write using purple ink pens. Sadly, those nifty purple ink pens tend to be disposable, not reusable. This has inspired much guilt. However, I have recently discovered a way to alleviate this problem, maybe. In lieu of simply tossing away my dinky little pens, I can recycle them!


TerraCycle–an ‘upcycling’ company–partners with Newell Rubbermaid Office Products to re-purpose no-longer-inky pens. (Newell Rubbermaid manufactures the purple pens I have been using as of late. They are the makers of Sharpie, EXPO, and PaperMate products.) Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up at the TerraCycle site to be the leader of the Writing Instrument Brigade (or any of the other Brigades–there are many).

2. Gather empty, unusable pens/markers/etc and partner with a charity/school.

3. Send the writing instruments in to TerraCycle, using the pre-paid shipping labels they provide. TerraCycle then sends $.02 per acceptable writing instrument to the 501(c)(3) organization.

Check out more information, straight from the source:


This is a convenient way to give back. 🙂

My little pen obsession

Yeah, these guys know where they’re going once I’ve run them dry. 😉


la da da da da da da…feeling groovy

The other day, I heard a song that always gives me a happy feeling inside. 🙂

Also, this is nifty:


Lots of things give me a happy… Like friends who love me for me, even though I’m not as awesome as I’d like to be, and even though I’m evil sometimes… I am so lucky that I have been able to surround myself with people who are un-pretentious–for the most part–and who are always honest with themselves as well as with me. (This is an important thing: One of the worst times I ever had was when I was with a guy who loved to play head-games with me, trying to get me to believe stuff that wasn’t true. He’d do stupid stuff, and tell me over and over that what I knew wasn’t what had actually happened–even though I was there when he said/did/saw/whatever… It got really frustrating. Happily, I eventually I realized what was going on–that he needed elaborate fantasies to make himself feel better or some such–and I made a run for it. Lesson learned.)

Other things that make me happy:

–Realizing that doing things (that harm none) to make me happy, without stressing over what others think, is an acceptable option

–Taking time to wander randomly through the woods

–Finding esoteric reading material and taking the time to make use of it.

–Learning something fun and new, regardless of whether it will ever be useful. (Because all knowledge is worth having…)

–Warm showers after cool rain

–Cool rain after a hot day

–When the A/C fixes itself (Hooray!)

–When the kids give me hugs after a long day

–When they go to bed when I ask them to. 🙂

And stuff like this:


Ken Griffey, Jr is so totally the man: He’s reached this milestone without being a jerk and a druggie. I’m so happy for him that he’s done this.

It’s the little things that make life grand: The realization that not everything has to have a knowable purpose. The cool of a misty morning before the heat wave kicks in and everyone wants to hide. Being able to run around in a swimsuit, under a sprinkler, without caring whether anyone has the audacity to laugh at me. 🙂

Taking the time to really enjoy the company of a truly good person.

Taking the time to truly enjoy a moment before it’s gone.

NaNoWriMo 2009

Just in case any of you were wondering, yes, I did complete 2009’s National Novel Writing Month.  Hooray!

It was one of the most liberating, frustrating, and enjoyable things I have ever done.  I wrote a novel–beginning to end–in one month, and it turned out rather well.  Yes, I was surprised by that, too.  I took an idea that I got from talking with a friend of mine, and from a tragedy that happened to someone I knew.  It was not an auspicious start to a novel, but it turned into something fascinating, and slightly trippy, and wonderful–despite its mood whiplash.

Also, I tried out a creativity exercise that I had read in Writer’s Digest’s Creativity Workbook.  It came out at the absolute perfect time for me.  I love writing exercises, and I try to do several each week.  This one involved writing down six “To Do” lists for one character, to better flesh out the character.  He turned out to be one of my favorites.

The scary part now is editing.  Lots of typos show up when I have been writing 3000-5000 words per day…

You can find inspiration in all kinds of places…

I read all kinds of blogs and blogger references, and while I was futzing around today, reading through one of my favorite sites, I found this article:


Say what you want to about the man-boy, but he has serious style, and he knows how to tell a story.

I have no idea what it says about me that I started off looking at the link about Inigo Montoya, and then fell into the blog about how Eminem’s writing style and marketing tactics are things to be emulated.

Thanks for reading!