Stephen King, the Essay

Why is Stephen King so polarizing among the literary literati? I have no idea, and I really have no wish to fall into that kind of conversation.
However, I did recently publish an essay on why he has been so influential in my life, ever since I found “The Shining” in my school library.

Stephen King: Literary Icon

If anyone has any doubts about Stephen King’s skills and love of writing, read his book “On Writing”. It’s a love letter from King to the art of writing. It is also one of the acknowledged classics for teaching writing.


Covering “The Pretender”

While I’m trying desperately to write like crazy, Jackson Browne’s song “The Pretender” came on the radio. Listening to the lyrics, I couldn’t help but hear a woman’s voice singing the same words, but I couldn’t remember who it was. It was driving me mad. No more writing for me until I figured it out.

So I did what every other person does when something is driving them bats. I googled it. (Yes, I’m using it as a verb. 98% of the english-speaking population does, too. I would like to think it’s not because I’m lazy.) Get this: I couldn’t find any other version in the Google search engine using “Who covered Jackson Browne’s The Pretender”. Weird, right? I did find “The Great Pretender” by The Platters and covered by Queen, so that was fun. But not especially helpful.

Eventually, I decided to check Grooveshark. They’re pretty groovy, and they have all kinds of music on their site. Three pages into the song list, I found it:

Saving Jane covers “The Pretender”

I have two of Saving Jane’s albums. Apparently, they’ve only made three. They’re GOOD, though. Despite their having been used in the soundtracks for some TV shows. Nastia Liukin and Danica Patrick use their song “SuperGirl” as their themes.

It’s a little crazy-making. (Enough so that I have used the word “crazy” or its synonyms many, many times in this short little post.) Marti Dodson and her bandmates have a fun sound, whether it’s their acoustic-based, alternative, or countrified music. They have other side-projects ongoing, and keeping up with them–since the search engines can’t seem to find them and Wikipedia is sketch–is difficult at best, but it’s worth it to find them.

Thanks for reading!