Review: Finger Lickin’ Dead

I love to read, and I’ll try to read anything once. That said, gimmicky mysteries don’t usually do it for me. You know the ones: The kinds that involve cats or other critters solving cases. Or ones that use “authentic” recipes to add flavor. (See what I did there…)

However, the other day at the library, I decided to broaden my literary experience. I saw this–and who doesn’t love barbeque, really? Or blues music? What kind of heathens are those? So I picked up this little book.

At first, I liked it more than I thought I would. Then I liked it less. Let me break it down real quick.

First, what I didn’t like.
1. Cardboard characters. None of the characters showed any growth. And the murdered villain was a caricature.
2. By the numbers “eccentric” character. The lady who always wore a helmet should not be considered “quirky”. She should be institutionalized.
3. Deus ex machina ending. No good. It came out of nowhere good, and it went nowhere good. But at least everyone got to eat more.
4. Does anyone hug every three seconds in public? I’m glad I don’t know those people. Seriously. Every three seconds.
5. Way too many suspects–especially some that are obviously not the murderer.

Now, the good.
1. An enjoyable protagonist. Lulu is a sweetheart who seems to get dumped into unpleasant situations. She reacts the way I like to think most people would under those circumstances.
2. A nice little twist in the middle.
3. At least everything ties up fairly neatly.

This is apparently one of a series. It is worth a look – especially if you are interested in non-hard-boiled mysteries. It is a short, quick read, and if it makes you hungry, it leaves the recipes at the end.


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