So this whole “Post a Day” thing…

It’s tiring me out, I tell you what. 😉 And I’ve only been doing this for a couple of days. Boo, me. I need to work harder and not be such a big baby.

I need to mentally prepare for novel-writing in November. (Not that I’m not ALWAYS working on a novel, but I find that charging through a first draft in 30 days or less really gets the juices flowing. It also helps me get my typing fingers in better shape. They don’t stay so numb all the time.)

I think my plan is to try to read as many books as possible this month, so I can post a review every couple of days. In between reviews, I will be posting ideas for a new novel, ideas for short-stories-in-progress, and other foibles of my writing life. (Which is complicated by two pre-teen boys. Oh, the drama.)

Thanks for hearing me out!


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