Bert the Conqueror

I love Bert the Conqueror–even if his laugh gets on my nerves sometimes. It’s funny watching him interact in a super-awkward manner with people.

If you haven’t watched the show, its whole purpose is to film Bert (a comedian) ride the most insane rides, and participate in the most insane ‘local adventures’ in a given area. My two sons and I watched some of the episodes on Netflix tonight. In one of them, he went to Punta Gorda, FL to the “Redneck Yacht Club” (a big mud hole that used to be a potato farm up until a couple of years ago) to participate in a belly flop contest. The contest was a highly subjective affair: the judging very informal. (When some of your fellow competitors are some of the judges, you know objectivity is not the goal.) Everyone involved looked to be having a good time, though. Everyone was dirty, and everyone was smiling.

That’s the only way to have a good time. 😉


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