Footstep Following

It’s gratifying to notice that my older son is similar to me in at least one way: He’s becoming a Teacher’s Pet in English class. 😉

Seriously, he’s becoming a teenager, and sometimes it’s hard to know how we’re even related. It’s crazy. My momma told me that there would be many days when I would be near to tearing my hair out because of the personality changes the kids would go through. And some days, that’s exactly how I feel. Some days, I want to take my pan of brownies and run away to Samoa. (I’ve never been to Samoa, but it seems like it be far enough away.) I’m not sure I could swim that far though, so that puts a damper on that idea.

At least I don’t have girls. I’m pretty sure I broke my mom when I was going through adolescence. How she avoided a straight jacket, I’ll never know…

Back to the story at hand. My older boy has been working on a ‘personal narrative’ for English. And it is really good. It’s an actual story with real characters, a plot, well-developed setting, and a sub-plot. It has a beginning, middle, and end. Considering he’s 12, I’m impressed. I’m also impressed that his teacher gives her students latitude in their writing, not the 5-paragraph structure all the time.

Anyway. High-five, Oldest Son! 🙂


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