Writing because I have to

There is a HUGE difference between writing because I’m writing something I want to write and writing something I have to write because I need a paycheck. Craziness. It makes me a little sad and makes my brain cramp a lot.

But I can be a mercenary little individual, so writing stuff I may not like/have any interest in whatsoever is just good business practice. If I want more jobs, I need to be a grown-up and complete jobs that can teach me something. Even if it is an article about level surveys.

Off to writing I go. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Writing because I have to

  1. If it makes you feel better, I just finished an article on “Candida and probiotic herbal supplements” (yawn)… But hey, it’s a paycheck. 😉
    (My husband is now serenading me with Tony Orlando’s “Candida”–I’ll never think of this song the same way again…)

    • Right now, I’m working on a couple in the construction field. I used to do some construction, but it sure is hard to write about it for some reason. It’s way easier to jam stuff together to explain precisely how and why you would jam stuff together in a certain way at a certain time. 😉

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