Review: Locke & Key, Vol. 1-3

Usually, my husband is the comic geek, checking out entire series from the library. Today, it was me. Or at least, I tried. Unfortunately for me, my local library only had the first three volumes of Locke & Key, an awesome graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. I know. These books have been out forever. I have absolutely no excuse for not having grabbed them before. I kept meaning to pick them up, but something always happened, etc. Foolish, foolish me.

I read the first three volumes in less than three hours. They’re not “easy reads” or anything. They’re just very compelling. All of the characters have complex motivations; no one is evil purely because it’s fun or easy. (Except maybe one guy, but he has other problems.) None of the characters are without fault. Everyone has his or her own problems and strengths. When the Locke children (Tyler, 17; Kinsey, 15ish; and Bode, who doesn’t seem to go to school) are in danger, I worry about them because I LIKE them. Yes, I know they’re fictional. I occasionally have problems with that.

When the story starts, the Locke family experiences a horrific tragedy. The ragged remnants of the family pack up and move back to the childhood home of Rendell (father/husband). Wizard’s First Rule: Class, do not move to a town named Lovecraft. Never. You are better off living in a refrigerator box in the middle of the Serengeti. (Have you read what Lovecraft wrote? Creepy. Brilliant, but you’ll be sleeping with the lights on for days.) Probably not the best place to raise a family. Which leads us to…

…There are some mysterious goings-on at this house, and they seem to feed people’s weaknesses. Depression? Doubled. Feelings of uselessness? Tripled. Weakness for alcohol? Quintupled. Even scarier? Something in the house wants Bode. Badly. You see, Bode can find keys that open special doors–some that lead to incredible places; some that do horrible things. These keys seem to find Bode. It’s like they need him. And something horrible–something that may or may not have had a reason for wanting Bode’s father dead–wants to use Bode to master all the keys.

How did I miss out on this for so long?


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