Decisions, Decisions…

I’m about to start a whole new novel next week. I’m just not sure which one to start. The one about a hitchhiker, the girl who loves him, and the demons? Or the second novel in my two-book (oh, please, only be two books long) fantasy series?

I need to figure this out over the weekend. While I’m starting the new one, I’ll also have to edit the others and continue to find freelance assignments. Craziness.

Need brochures written? Press releases? Craft books? I’m your girl!

Thanks for stopping by! 😉


Procrastination is so Totally my Enemy

As an antagonist, Procrastination is second only to Perfectionism in its crazy ability to beat up my hopes and dreams. Boo.

I have two articles due Right Now, and I’m not close to done with either of them. How did this happen? It’s not as though I didn’t know the deadline was coming up–it’s written on my calendar. And it’s on my gmail alerts thing. And I get email reminders from my self. And the “Currently Working On” folder is huge and right in the middle of my desktop.

I need a better system. Any ideas?

(Off to finish my articles. Eep.)

Writing because I have to

There is a HUGE difference between writing because I’m writing something I want to write and writing something I have to write because I need a paycheck. Craziness. It makes me a little sad and makes my brain cramp a lot.

But I can be a mercenary little individual, so writing stuff I may not like/have any interest in whatsoever is just good business practice. If I want more jobs, I need to be a grown-up and complete jobs that can teach me something. Even if it is an article about level surveys.

Off to writing I go. 🙂