Video Games and Me

I’m a writer. That’s what I do. And I am a concierge-style personal trainer.

So why am I spending so much free time running around a virtual world?

Because Pandora is like crack, that’s why. (Or at least what I understand crack to be like. Having never tried any, I can only guess how addictive it truly is. I hope I never have to learn. There are too many people in my city who are fighting that kind of addiction.)

Anyway, I started playing Borderlands when my husband bought it a few months ago. Yes, I know it’s been out for years. I never claimed to be entirely hip. If I tried, that would be a dirty, dirty lie. One of his best friends recommended it to him, and we lucked into a Game of the Year edition (with the four expansion packs–yippee!) for about $17. Depending on the day, I consider it money WELL spent, or the worst investment ever.

I play as a Siren–physically weak, but with a Phasewalk capability that regenerates health and deals massive damage to massive enemies. Awesome. I have probably sunk 40+ hours into this game, and I am not done. I don’t think I ever want to be done. The game is immersive, the NPCs are fun, the dialogue is hilarious. The game is cell-shaded, the way the Sly Cooper games are, and it is beautiful. Cell-shading makes this nearly lawless, renegade, backwards planet absolutely breathtaking. The sets are made up of cast-offs: both material junk and cast-off people who wouldn’t be allowed on any other planet. Imagine the TV show, Firefly. Now imagine the band of renegades without the benefit of the preacher man.


And that is where my time gets sunk. Maybe I need to install one of the digital nanny things on my PS3…