Legends of Fantasy

Goodbye, Anne McCaffrey.

May you always fly free.


Writing because I have to

There is a HUGE difference between writing because I’m writing something I want to write and writing something I have to write because I need a paycheck. Craziness. It makes me a little sad and makes my brain cramp a lot.

But I can be a mercenary little individual, so writing stuff I may not like/have any interest in whatsoever is just good business practice. If I want more jobs, I need to be a grown-up and complete jobs that can teach me something. Even if it is an article about level surveys.

Off to writing I go. 🙂

Footstep Following

It’s gratifying to notice that my older son is similar to me in at least one way: He’s becoming a Teacher’s Pet in English class. 😉

Seriously, he’s becoming a teenager, and sometimes it’s hard to know how we’re even related. It’s crazy. My momma told me that there would be many days when I would be near to tearing my hair out because of the personality changes the kids would go through. And some days, that’s exactly how I feel. Some days, I want to take my pan of brownies and run away to Samoa. (I’ve never been to Samoa, but it seems like it be far enough away.) I’m not sure I could swim that far though, so that puts a damper on that idea.

At least I don’t have girls. I’m pretty sure I broke my mom when I was going through adolescence. How she avoided a straight jacket, I’ll never know…

Back to the story at hand. My older boy has been working on a ‘personal narrative’ for English. And it is really good. It’s an actual story with real characters, a plot, well-developed setting, and a sub-plot. It has a beginning, middle, and end. Considering he’s 12, I’m impressed. I’m also impressed that his teacher gives her students latitude in their writing, not the 5-paragraph structure all the time.

Anyway. High-five, Oldest Son! 🙂

Poor Blog…

Oh, my poor, poor neglected blog. I feel like I have forsaken you. 😦

No, darling. It’s nothing you’ve done. It’s me. Really, it is. No, I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. Why would you think that?

I know; I promised that I would write at least once each week, so you wouldn’t feel lonely, but I’ve been crazy busy. You just don’t understand–

You’re right. I never gave you the chance to understand. I should have shared it all with you. I would have been able to air out my grievances and stress while I was writing two novels and a screenplay…

Workaholic? No, I don’t think so. I’m more of a procrastaholic. I have to have 30,000 things going on at once in order to accomplish anything at all. That way, When I’m procrastinating at one thing, I’ll just move on to the next thing. I think that makes sense, but perhaps it does not.

Darling blog of mine, please don’t leave me. I promise I will try to do better, sharing more of my life with you. Maybe I will start writing alternating blogs about writing and reading. Will that make you feel better? Then, you can keep me on track with my re-writes, and keep me honest about reading what I’ve promised myself I will. (I still need to read all the way through “booksmart”. (That is an awesome book.)

Are we made up, blog of mine? Do you forgive me? I promise I will do better. We’ll start with little steps: One blog every two weeks or so?

I love you, blog. Thanks for listening.